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Premier Veins Michigan is a local varicose vein specialist practice. We treat patients with varicose vein issues using a variety of prevention and treatment methods.

Premier Veins Michigan is led by a fellow-ship trained board-certified vascular surgeon and vein specialist, Dr. Ajith Kadakol,. In contrast to other doctors, that treat this condition, being a vascular surgeon, he has an all-around understanding of blood-flow problems and venous insufficiency. He is able to consider all causes of leg symptoms and accurately assess you for vein disease. Most importantly, he is able to offer you conservative medical, minimally invasive, and surgical treatment for vein disease depending on what suits you best. That is what makes us stand out and our center different from the rest. 

 Our founder, Dr. Kadakol started this practice because he wanted to create a beautiful, comfortable and inclusive vein center where patients can come and actually feel good about being cared for. He set up Premier Veins Michigan after recognizing the need in the community for specialists who can treat veins. We take pride in being able to provide care in a stress-free environment with personable one-on-one care without the large bureaucratic hurdles of the hospital.

Since our founding, we’ve helped innumerable patients like you, and our doctors have successfully performed hundreds of procedures.

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Premier Veins Michigan
1701 South Blvd East,
Rochester Hills, MI 48307
(248) 243-3936

Office Hours

Monday – Friday | 8am – 4pm
New consultations: On Fridays: 8am-4pm

Our Mission

Providing world-class, scientifically sound, comprehensive
vein care in a patient-centric stress-free environment.

Core Values

  • Patients-First
  • Quality State-of-the-art care
  • Reputation
  • Compassion
  • Total Vein & Vascular Care

A Plan For Each

Our experience and deep knowledge of venous insufficiency and vein care allows us to create customized individual plans for you. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure our plan works for you. At Premier Veins Michigan, we make sure that you are educated and understood when it comes to your vein health.


Our Practice is focussed on minimally invasive procedures. These interventions are very safe, fast, and effective. Usually, you’ll be on your feet within a day and may even be able to work the very next day.

Prevention Keeps
You Well

We’re also strong believers in preventing venous disease before they occur. We will educate you on venous disease, teach you how to prevent it and implement a plan to prevent long-term recurrence.

Meet Your Doctor:
Dr. Ajith Kadakol

Dr.Kadakol is our founder and the leading physician. He is Board-certified in Vascular Surgery by American Board of Surgery and Board-Certified in interpretation of Vascular Ultrasounds.
Dr. Kadakol has been practicing medicine for over 25 years. He has taught and lectured at medical facilities and events around the world. Has experience having performed hundreds of procedures. Being a vascular surgeon, has the in-depth knowledge of disorders of blood flow to make an accurate assessment of symptoms. He can provide conservative medical care, minimally invasive and surgical care as the case may be with a particular focus on minimally invasive care with latest state-of-the-art technology.

Meet Your

Roxanne is a pleasant and caring person. She is a dedicated vascular trained ultrasonographer. She is specially trained in doing vascular ultrasounds; just the kind of person we need to identify vein pathology. She has close to a decade of experience in doing vascular ultrasonography. She has done thousands of vascular ultrasounds and she is very well suited to be in the role she is in.

Meet Your Vein-care

Rebecca, our vein center coordinator, is a medical assistant with over 10-years of experience in the field. She puts together the entire center’s vein program. She is the go-to person and the first point of contact for patients. She is always available to take calls and answer questions. She makes sure that the patients receive the time, attention, and quality care that they deserve.  She facilitates the care that patients receive and address any concern that they might have. She looks forward to working with you. Feel free to call her or email her (info@premierveinsmichigan.com).

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